What Makes a Video Compelling?

What makes a video compelling? The answer has more to do with the viewer than the video. What do they care about and in the case of a marketing or sales video, can they relate to the business scenario you're describing? If you present a challenge that they're currently facing and say you can solve it, you'll have their attention. Of course the rest of the video then has to make a clear case.

People first want to know you'll meet their challenge or help them realize an important goal, then they want to know what your solution is and how it works.

After they say to themselves, "Ah, I see that could work", their brains will likely go to, "But how else could I do that? Could I do it myself, or what do competitors offer?" This is when you differentiate your solution and show there's no better way for the viewer to meet their goal.

Then their mind will likely go to, "Okay, but how do I pay for it or get budget approved?". Here is where you present a solid return on investment stating tangible business objectives.

Now they're ready to act, so you present your call to action.

Of course you want the visuals to look great. But visuals have to add to what's being said, not just look cool for the sake of looking cool. This is where a great creative and design team is every bit as important as great writers. When it all comes together with spot on animation, voice, music, and sound effects, the results are stunning. The business benefits are easily measured by increased sales and conversion rates. On a more human level, we know it's a success when our client's forward E-mails from prospects who watched the video and now want to learn more.


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