Personalization, Analytics, & Interactivity

The days of watching a static video on a website are over! Today's marketers use tools like personalization, custom navigation, and interactivity to drive much higher response rates and return on video investment. Ovation is proud to partner with some the industry's top video platforms to greatly extend what's possible with video.

Why produce a static video when you can send a personalized version to every unique viewer, letting them see their own name and company. Or customize it to target their industry and unique needs.

Got a lot of video content? Make it easy for your viewers by allowing them to quickly navigate through your content to watch what matters most to them.

Or even place custom calls to action, such as links, buttons, and forms, in strategic places throughout the video.

With Viewing Statistics, track video viewing and engagement through detailed statistics. Drill down to each unique viewing to see what's getting watched. Track individual viewers by name and collect rich lead information.

And finally, let's talk about unlimited updates. Your products evolve rapidly and you need to make sure your videos keep up. Need a finished video updated? Just send us that replacement screen, text, or line of script and we'll update it with no hassle- regardless of how long it's been in production.

These are just some of the advanced features we can put to work for you. We can also include CRM or Marketing System Integration, automated email campaigns, A|B testing, or a video hub for your website.

We're happy to talk live about your ideas.


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