Testimonials and Events

Your customer just told you they'll go on camera to tell the world what makes your offering so special. You've got one chance, so let's make the most of that opportunity!

A perfect customer testimonial video will build credibility, generate leads, and increase conversions.

What are the keys to producing a testimonial that delivers? We've found a few things are essential:

  1. You need your clients to tell your story perfectly, but in their own words. The process for coming up with the desired messages and translating them to the right questions is critical. It's also critical to have a producer who can engage the customer so that they give the right information in a natural and credible way.
  2. You need the video to stand out. Are you tired of watching videos with talking heads all saying the same things? The testimonial has to use high quality visuals that show what makes your offering so unique.
  3. You need to make it easy. Wouldn't it be great if somebody could handle all the details. Everything from messaging and pre-production planning, to deploying a local crew? What if they could do all the editing and add really cool graphics?

We're Ovation Solutions, and we've produced hundreds of perfect testimonials all over the world. We've got the science down and we can produce your perfect customer testimonial FAST, and at a competitive price. We have full services packages starting under $3k.

Are you having a big customer event this year? We've produced as many as 30 customer testimonials from a single client event.

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