Change Management

Have you ever rented a car for $29 per day only to find you actually paid $119 after all the unexpected fees?

Have you ever had a company quote a low price to build something creative, only to be continually charged for out-of-scope items and change fees? When we founded Ovation Solutions, we vowed to bring transparency and reliability to pricing.

But what happens when changes are needed? It's not uncommon to realize midway through a project that a video will need to go in a different direction, be longer, or use a different style. Of course, we do everything in the discovery phase to flush these things out as early as possible, but in those cases where the scope changes, here's how we address it.

As pricing is based on animation type and length, once we finish a script we'll know the expected length. If we find it's longer than initially expected, we'll let you know as quick as possible so we can either shorten it, or adjust the budget.

Similarly, if we discover that the video will require a more sophisticated animation style, we can get you an estimate of the price difference so you can decide.

The other thing that can impact a budget is number of revisions. We recognize that making a great video requires a lot of feedback and revisions. We build this into all our projects.

However, there are times when the amount of time spent changing things that have already been built reaches a threshold. It's not so much about the number of revisions as it is about the level of effort. We'll keep you closely posted if at any point we begin to approach that threshold.

Our goal is to make sure you have no surprises and work with us all along the way to make the best decisions around cost and scope.


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