Animation Types and How They are Priced

Pricing for our animated videos and demos is based on three things:

  • base cost
  • length of the video
  • style of animation

The base cost covers things like creative design, script writing, voice, music, and project management. It is the same for every video. However, when we produce multiple videos as part of a series, we're able to lower or eliminate this cost.

Then we look at the number seconds for each type of animation. For example, is it advanced, meaning 3D or highly detailed custom graphics? Is it moderate? Or is it basic?

The same applies to demo content. It too can be advanced, moderate, or life-like.

Any video or demo could have several of these different types of animation so we look at the number of seconds by type. By applying the animation type rate to the number of seconds, we get the animation cost. That plus the base cost is the total you'll pay.


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