Startups & The Ovation Solutions Advantage

So, you’re a fast growing new company. Now, more than ever, you need high quality video to share with your prospects. They’re expecting to see a level of polish and professionalism that matches where your company is heading.

But, time and budgets are tight.

You’ve likely explored options where you select cartoon characters from templates, or utilize overseas animators to get your cost down. In many cases, that may be the perfect fit.

Companies, however, come to Ovation when they need their investment in video to pay off with real results. They demand a powerful, custom produced, selling tool. They realize only a script and creative concept that clearly maps their unique differentiators to their prospects' greatest needs will drive tangible bottom-line benefits.

But you’re super busy. Will you actually have time to build everything from scratch?

We get it. Our process is extremely efficient and streamlined. We facilitate highly interactive sessions to quickly identify the most important drivers for a great video. We do the heavy lifting. You just review at key milestones to make sure everything stays true to your vision.

Most important, though, you’re not going to be a smaller company for long. You need a partner who can grow with you. We’ve been with startups from the early days right up to IPO. Along the way, they’ve relied on us to produce everything from company overviews, explainers, and demos, to customer testimonials and user conference kickoff videos.

Ready to put that signature video on your website, trade show booth, or salesrep mobile devices? Let’s discuss.


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