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Custom Animation, Product Demos, and Live Action Video from Ovation Solutions

Animation, Demo, and Live Action

Explainer videos, product demos, and customer testimonials can generate significant business results. We have three centers of excellence, each focused on a specific type of content. Our producers seamlessly integrate the right types of video to optimally convey your message. Don't settle for a producer that only does one type of content well.

  • Dynamic, custom animation
  • Product UI demo
  • Professionally shot live action video

Elite Production Teams

Compelling production-quality video requires more than just a few skilled people. It takes a team of highly skilled experts in all aspects of the process. Our team includes:

Script writers who can understand and tell your sophisticated story in a powerful way Tech business experts with decades of experience at fortune 500 tech companies who understand the details behind your powerful solution Creative experts who understand your brand and develop engaging visual ideas Artists, designers and animators with decades of experience at places like Disney and HBO who develop your storyboard and bring your concept to life
Camera crews all over the world who shoot your content locally, as well as remote producers who can direct every aspect of your virtual shoot Editors at all levels who can either quickly and affordably create your rough cuts, or create your masterpiece from all the footage Professional voice actors who tell your story in the most impactful way Sound experts who score your video's music and sound effects for maximum effect
Elite Production Teams for High Tech Video Production

Surprisingly Affordable

Affordable Video Production from Ovation Solutions

Express Packages

If you need your video produced really quickly and affordably, express packages may be perfect for you. You get a totally custom script along with dynamic animation, and we save you time and cost by leveraging the assets you already have.

Lifetime Free Video Updates

Concerned that your branding, messaging, product names, UI, or all of the above will change shortly after you complete the video? Ask about our lifetime free video updates. We'll make all those updates at no charge as long as you use the video - which gives it a much longer shelf life.

Free Video Updates with Ovation Solutions Video Production

Extremely Fast Production

Fast High Quality Video Production from Ovation Solutions

Weeks, Not Months

Our founders came from the tech world where they managed multi-million dollar software development and implementation projects. We have obsessed over using the most advanced technologies and best practices to streamline video production projects. The result is that in many cases, your explainer video, testimonial, or demo video can be completed in less than a month.

Easy, Streamlined, Collaborative Process

Efficient Discovery

Are you worried that you and your team won't have enough time to educate us about your product, customers, differentiators, ROI and brand to make a compelling video? Our discovery process makes everything quick and easy:

We schedule a 30 minute kickoff video call with your team. We'll do extensive research prior to the call so that we're as prepared as possible. During the call, we'll discuss and record all the key information required to tell a compelling story. One that will move prospects to respond. Within a week, we'll schedule a follow up call where we read you a first cut of your script aloud and present creative ideas for the visuals.
Efficient Collaborative Video Production Process
Custom Creative Ideas for High Tech Video Production

Focused Creative

Maybe you've been on video projects where it seemed to take forever to come up with the right creative idea. You either had a predetermined concept forced on you such as "whiteboard" or "clipart cartoon characters", or you wasted too many cycles going over ideas that just wouldn't resonate with your brand or audience.

Our process is different. We assign a creative lead to your project who studies and understands your brand and market. They work with our business and script writing experts to develop a handful of custom creative ideas that will add the most punch to the story. We present and discuss these ideas along with examples to your team via video call.

Live Sketching

Been here before? Your video production team shows you a storyboard and/or concept sketches? They don't resonate with you, so you give feedback. A week later you get another round of images that still don't hit the mark. After the third rev, you're exhausted and running out of time.

Our approach is different. When we present visuals for your review, we have a sketch artist available to make changes right then and there, before your eyes on a video call where you see what they draw. You'll see them dynamically revise and sketch ideas per our combined team's direction. By following this highly collaborative approach, you're usually able to arrive at the perfect visuals for your video on a single call.

Highly Collaborative Visual Design for Video Production with Ovation Solutions

Unmatched Business Expertise

High Tech Business Expertise Video Production

Top High Tech Producers

Creating a video that gets results starts with deep high-tech business expertise. Before Ovation Solutions, our founders were business leaders at companies like Oracle. We don't just understand terms like "cloud", "AI", or "machine learning", we wrote code and brought systems live.

And because we get business concepts and value propositions, we can help you explain your sophisticated products and intricate solutions to potential customers in a way that's clear, easy to understand, and persuasive.

Perfect Solution for Sales Enablement

Easy for Reps to Personalize and Customize Videos

Empower your reps to design their own video by assembling assets from a video library that we'll manage. They request it, we produce it.

You'll be comfortable knowing that every asset is 100% quality and brand compliant. Plus it's built by professional video producers. Your reps will love the ability to quickly assemble custom videos highly targeted to their prospects with minimum effort.

Personalized and Customized High Tech Video Production
Dynamic Playlists for High Tech Software Marketing Videos

Create Dynamic Playlists for Social, Web, and RFP Responses

We provide technology to easily tag and display all your video content on the fly by topic, industry, geography, or other category you define. For example:

  • Marketing team members can quickly build website and landing pages to display highly targeted video content to a specific audience.
  • Reps can dynamically build a URL with testimonials, demos, explainers, and other video content specific to a prospect or RFP.

Advanced Technology to Create Your Perfect Product Demos

Advanced Software UI Demo Capture

A critical part of any product video is showing the actual product screens. Because we create hundreds of demo videos each year, we've invested in advanced technology and processes for capturing screen demos. These include:

  • Rebuilding your screens as vector artwork to enable dynamic and 3D animation of your product.
  • Capturing a demo your experts give us online at extremely high quality and resolution.
  • Editing and adding professional voice, music, text callouts, zoom-ins, etc.
Advanced Software Demo Capture Video Production
Create and Upload Custom Demos Easily through Ovation Solutions Video Production

Easy Way for your Product Experts to Create and Upload Demos

Does this sound familiar? You have internal experts who can give great demos of your product, but they are way too busy to help create all the demo videos your customers and prospects demand.

We provide an easy way for them to quickly give a demo on the fly and upload it to us. Our professional script writers, demo producers, animators, and voice will take it from there and turn it into a highly polished demo - in a matter of days.

Demos Enhanced with Animation and Live Action

A great product video doesn't just show screens, it makes a business case for how that solution will drive ROI. Dynamic, custom animation can easily explain sophisticated tech and business concepts. Live action can also bring in the business environment where the solution is used, as well as the face and voice of the actual customers.

Set your demo apart from everyone else's by adding these advanced features.

Animation and Live Action Video Production for High Tech Software Companies

Perfect Customer Testimonials and Thought Leadership Videos

Onsite or Remote Shooting for Customer Testimonial Videos

Onsite or Remote Shooting

We have relationships with professional camera crews all over the world who can shoot your video locally.

But, if COVID requires you to shoot somebody at their home without a crew, or you simply need to shoot many videos quickly and on a budget, remote shooting is the perfect solution. We direct everything remotely - from getting the right equipment to the person, to directing the shoot live over a web call.

Either way, our editing team quickly turns your footage into polished customer testimonial or thought leadership video content.

Dynamic Customer Testimonial Libraries

So you now have a large library of customer videos. You have even more great footage of customer interviews that didn't make the final cut. We help you get the most out of this valuable asset by making it all discoverable based on keywords.

For example, you can tag finished videos or sections of videos by custom dimensions such as industry, product, geography, market segment, etc.

  • Marketing team members can quickly build website and landing pages to display highly targeted video content to a specific audience.
  • Reps can dynamically build and share a URL with testimonials, demos, explainers, and other video content specific to a prospect or RFP.
Dynamic Customer Testimonial Libraries for High Tech Video Production

Any Format / Any Platform / Any Language

Unlimited Video Formats for Advanced Software Video Production

Unlimited Video Formats for Any Platform

Our videos have played everywhere from mobile devices to the Nasdaq tower in Times Square and on the Jumbotron during a San Francisco game. Don't worry about formats. We'll export versions to match whatever specs you have.

It's common for us to deliver our videos at different sizes and lengths optimized for various social media platforms, as well as formats such as mp4 files and GIFs for marketing and sales reps.

Captions and Localized Versions

Rarely is a video only intended for one audience. We can caption it in any language, add a professional foreign voice over, or even customize the on-screen text and graphics.

You can create these versions up front, or come back and create new versions later as they are needed.

Multilingual Video Production for High Tech Marketing Videos
Long or Short High Tech Videos for Social Media Platforms

Conversion of Long Format Video to Short, Focused Videos for Social Media

Why create one video for one platform/audience, when you can automatically create many? For example, we may work with you to produce a 90 second video. Then create multiple 30 and 15 second versions for various social media platforms.

Why not also take advantage of any existing long-form videos you may have? For example, we can take your 30 minute webinar and turn it into many short vignettes for social media. We can even mix and match the various sections of your existing videos to quickly create focused new content.

B2B Digital Marketing Solutions

Promote your Video on LinkedIn, Google, and Other Platforms

OK, so you’ve produced a highly compelling video that can generate leads. But how do you get the right audience to watch it? We have a team of B2B digital marketing experts who can:

Identify the best platform(s) for lead generation campaigns. Target qualified leads by demographics such as industry, job role, seniority, geographic location, needs, interests, demographics, etc. Create effective landing pages that will capture leads at a high rate. Execute, manage, measure, and optimize the campaigns.
Promote your Video on LinkedIn, Google, and other platforms with our Digital Marketing Expertise
Optimize Campaigns and Improve Lead Generation with High Tech Video Production

Precisely Target, Measure, and Optimize Campaigns

The most effective campaigns are continually reviewed and optimized. That may mean adjusting the parameters of the campaign or even optimizing the video content itself. We can help with everything including:

Managing lead generation campaigns including audience targeting, setting budgets and bids, creating lead capture forms, and writing ad copy. Ongoing optimization during a campaign based on analytics as they come back in real time: tweaking audience targeting, bids, etc. Tracking all leads in a collaborative Google Doc, including a preliminary quality score and fields for the sales team to score a lead.
Campaign recap pulling in analytics from both the ad platform and the website, as well as the lead scoring to evaluate the effectiveness of a campaign. Recommendations for your next campaign based on the recap. The goal is to keep improving the effectiveness with each campaign.

Video Outsourcing and OEM Solutions

Powerful Extension of your Internal Team

You may already have an internal video production team. It is common for us to partner with our clients to extend the capabilities of their team. We share a database of brand standards and assets which make it easy for us to collaborate on video projects.

Maybe you have a great script and visuals, but you need an animator. Or, maybe you need a camera person to shoot an event overseas. We have it covered.

We create a program where we keep a dashboard of projects and status so it’s easy for our teams to collaborate. As a result, you dramatically increase the volume of videos you can create for your stakeholders within given timeframes and budgets.

Advanced Video Production Help through High Tech Marketing Video Company
Offer High Quality Videos to your Customers through Ovation Solutions Video Production

White Labeled Video Added to your Products and Services

Video is becoming a major part of so many new products and services. You may already have products or services that include high quality custom built video. Or maybe you want to resell videos along with your other offerings, but, you would rather focus your resources on your core competencies and competitive differentiators.

Let us create your videos as part of your brand. We have years of experience engaging directly with our clients’ customers as either a partner or virtual part of their company.


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