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In 2003, three of us met at Paul’s Monterey Inn Restaurant (well before Walt and Jesse had a beer there on Breaking Bad) to discuss the idea of a company that would create internet video for high-tech b2b products and services (yes, I know that doesn’t sound too exciting, but in 2003 internet video was pretty rare). We thought with:

  • A former leader of an Oracle CRM consulting practice,
  • A former head of a national advertising agency
  • And an eight-time Emmy-Award winning cameraman…

… we’d have the right mix of people.

15 years later, we are proud to have produced thousands of corporate videos for major brands all over the world, as well as for future household names. We’ve added many great professionals, but stayed true to our original mission. Our secret is very simple. We originally committed to three things:

  1. Bring the highest level of skill to every project. That mean everything from people who really understand the intricacies of high tech products and how to write compelling scripts, to world class artists, animators, and editors.
  2. Constantly optimize our model to produce the highest quality videos at the most affordable possible price.  We know our clients are extremely busy and being challenged to deliver more with less time and budget.
  3. Absolutely obsess over delighting our clients with videos they will love, and a process that is amazingly easy. We pay very close attention when our clients share how well their videos perform against their ROI metrics. But, we especially love the emails with all the exclamation points and all-caps about how much THEY LOVE THE VIDEOS AND CAN’T WAIT TO UNLEASH THEM ON THEIR MARKET!!!!

 Paul’s Monterey Inn

The table at Paul's Monterey Inn restaurant where our founders came up with the idea for Ovation Solutions in 2003.



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