"When I look at our web analytics...over the last three years that we've worked with Ovation, [their videos] are consistently the highest ranked asset that gets downloaded, the one that our web visitors spend the most time with and the ones that we have found truly drive visitors to give us their contact information and continue to engage with us beyond just a download or a click-through."
Kimya Coker
Director of Marketing

"Ovation is different because of their business expertise. There are a lot of video producers out there...who can make a beautiful [video]...but it's really about telling your [story] in business terms and making that complicated technology concept something that all of a sudden a business person can say, 'oh that's is why I need that, because it's going to do this for my business.'"
Jaime Davenport
Director of Marketing

"In today's environment, people expect video to have a concise, creative expression of your company's brand [which] Ovation [has done for us] a number of times. It helps in all of our efforts. In our lead generation activities [and] our marketing activities, [video]... captures the essence of our brand."
David Yarnold
Chief Executive Officer

"For almost a decade now, my teams and I have counted on Ovation at critical moments. The launch of a new product or major integrated campaign, a big announcement at a customer conference or to help hone or reposition how the company tells its story. They're the kind of partner that makes the effort to really understand "the story" and what we're trying to accomplish. And, their aim is always to exceed expectations. If we're not jumping up and down with enthusiasm around what they delivered, they keep pushing until we are."
David Karel
OutLeap Marketing, LLC

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Ovation Solutions on two separate video projects. For our first project Ovation Solutions created a product demo video for Ascentis that required we strip down creative to bare essentials, and highlighted high-level areas of our software suite, to tell a unique story. Ovation Solutions provided us with a clear direction, a great team to work with, and kept us on target with our very tight deadline, with great results. The primary purpose of this video to was generate leads, and within the first few days of its release on a landing page it was already driving new leads and subsequent opportunities, and has continued to do so whenever and wherever we’ve used it.

Our second project request resulted in Ovation Solutions developing a trailer video as an introduction to our CEO to be played at our annual user conference. Again, with a very short timeframe to work with, Ovation Solutions and our marketing team found creative ways to reuse design elements from our first project that would translate into the story we were telling in this new short. They were very responsive to our requests for creative work-arounds and last-minute revisions, and this project was delivered on time and to a very pleased executive team. Although I know very well how hard it is to develop video, Ovation Solutions makes it look easy. I’m excited about continuing to work with the Ovation Solutions team to produce even more video work that helps our current and future clients see our solution as THE solution."
Heather Bansemer


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