How Much Does a Video Cost?

As you've probably seen, there is a very wide range of costs to produce a corporate video. With freelancers and internal resources, you can get a video made in the hundreds of dollars. There are agencies who won't do anything for less than $50k, and there's everything in between.

Obviously you want to start with your budget and the ROI you envision this video generating through increased sales, improved lead generation, and higher conversion rates. Our goal is to provide the highest value offering for a few different scenarios. Our streamlined packages for explainers, demos, and testimonials all start under $5k per video. You still get a completely custom script, creative approach and visuals, but the process is extremely fast and efficient.

We also understand how critical an efficient process is to a project's success and Return on InvestmeWhen you need a high quality video, but need to put more time into polishing and revising to get it just right, our standard offerings are a perfect fit, typically ranging between $7k and $15k.

When the video really has to perform, our signature packages include analytics, interactivity, personalization, and more.


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