Imagine somebody goes to your home page and is treated to a high quality, succinct video explaining what you do. Great explainer and corporate overview videos can be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone to communicate and differentiate your offering. Unfortunately, too many of these video projects never measure up to their intended results.

Why? Is the message off or too complicated? Are the visuals off brand or boring? Did the project go over budget or time? The only way to create a perfect explainer video is to make sure it's made with a team possessing the right expertise, and following the right process.

Ovation Solutions brings a highly skilled team of producers, writers, business experts, artists, animators, photographers, editors, and voice talent to every project. Then we collaborate with your team at every step: creative concept, script writing, design, storyboarding, production, and deployment.

Whether it's a business expert translating your message to a compelling script, or an artist and animator bringing it to life with stunning visuals, every deliverable is hand crafted by some of the industry's top professionals.

We also understand how critical an efficient process is to a project's success and ROI. From day one, we've obsessed over perfecting our collaborative approach. Ovation Solutions makes the best use of your time and expertise through a visible and streamlined workflow.

On average it takes between four to six weeks to get that awesome explainer produced.

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