Everybody knows how important it is to have great video on your site. But what about your field events?

Wouldn't it be great to kick off your big annual conference with an awesome video? Imagine it, the lights dim and before your keynote speakers comes on, you set the bar high for the presentation and blow everybody away with the perfect kickoff video. What if you're a presenter at an event? Wouldn't it be great if the video looping at your booth really set you apart from all the others? Or, what if your handouts had QR codes where people could watch your video after the event?

We're Ovation solutions and we've got everything to put great video in your events.

Want to capture the event itself? Have us record everything. We can turn all the speeches, sessions, and panel discussions into video content that will last forever. Better yet, we can produce tons of customer testimonials and a really cool recap video.

We'd love to connect and talk through all the ways we can make the most of your field events!


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