The Standard Process for Animated Videos

Ovation animation projects typically take four to six weeks to complete. Here's how we collaborate with your team at every step to make that awesome video.

Our first step is discovery, where we gather the key drivers. For example, what are your objectives and how will you measure success? Who is the audience and what behaviors do you need to motivate? What type of style and tone do you think best fits your brand and audience? What assets and examples can you provide us to make us more efficient?

Within days of completing discovery, we present a suggested script outline as well as several, totally different custom ideas for your video. We make it easy for our teams to arrive at and develop the concept that works perfectly for your audience, your message, and your brand.

Next we storyboard the complete video. To make sure everybody sees where we're going, we concurrently pilot a 10-20 section of the video with complete animation, voice, and music. This is the perfect time to make any adjustments.

Once the video is complete, we'll help you deploy the video in all required formats. You can learn more about additional options for customization such as adding personalization, branching navigation, and interactivity in our Personalization video.

Ready to get started? We can setup your online, collaborative discovery document today. All we need is your email address. We'll then schedule a call to walk through it together. Or, if you really want to move fast, enter some information at your convenience, and we'll then set up a call to present custom creative ideas for your video.


... or tell us more about your project before submitting:

What type of project do you have in mind?

Do you have an initial preferred style? Our creative team will help you find the style that works for your brand and project.

The base package includes an on-site camera person with professional lighting and mics.
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