Special Offer - Snackable/Captioned Video

 We will create a free “snackable” video from an existing asset.  This includes:

  • A version of the video with professionally produced English captions (ideal for Social Media).
  • A short cut down version of the same video 

    Captioned Video

    • You’ll provide us with a .mp4 file up to 2 minutes in length. 
    • We will add captions to the video.
    • If you provide a PowerPoint presentation (or other format with static images and script), we will create a static slide show of the images with captions.   We will, additionally, provide professional voice over from a voice of our choice.

    Cut down version

    • You will provide us with different sections of the video to use in the cut down.  For example, you may choose to use the first 15 seconds of the video and then the last 5 seconds.  Otherwise, we’ll cut it based on our judgment.
    • We will edit them together to create a cut down that is up to 30 seconds long.

    Upon completion you may suggest one round of revisions that are limited to changing any of the text in the captions and changing the in/out points for any of the edits. Any changes to the original video beyond adding captions or editing the in/out points may require a separate cost.  We’d be happy to give a cost estimate for any of these type of changes.  In the case where we record a professional voice, we can record one round of changes based on your feedback. In the case where we’re building a video based on using existing assets, such as PowerPoint slides, we will show the assets exactly as they are provided to us.  We are happy to give a cost estimate to animate any static images.

    Offer expires Feb 15, 2023


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