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In 2003, a diverse team of business consultants and an Emmy Award winning cameraman came together to create the ultimate selling tool – the Ovation solution. Over ten years later, Ovation Solutions has produced videos for hundreds of great companies, including Marketo, Zillow, Bizo (LinkedIn), ServiceMax, and SuccessFactors.

Barry Epstein came from Oracle Corporation where he led various consulting practices for Oracle’s Customer Relationship Management products. His 14 years of experience selling, managing, and delivering large high-tech projects at Oracle allow him to quickly understand and communicate our clients' value propositions.

Carey Moots has won eight Emmy Awards as a cameraman for his work with network news and other network television programming. Not only does he shoot spectacular footage, he knows how to present customer testimonials in a natural and credible manner.

Richard Simons, our director of animation and technology, brings all the pieces together and makes sure that the video is interactive and plays perfectly on client websites, social networking sites, mobile devices, CDs, DVDs, and High-Def televisions, IMAX screens, and the Nasdaq Tower on Times Square.

Robert Epstein in 1974 founded what was to become one of New Mexico's two largest advertising agencies, garnering national awards and recognized as a member of the North American Association of Advertising Agencies. He personally produced and directed hundreds of radio and television commercials and video presentations.

Todd Kelgard, our lead video editor, has long been interested in telling stories. Since graduating from Dartmouth College, he has been telling them in some form or another, from non-fiction (people profiles, new product reviews) for magazines while living in New York, to fiction (a children's novel, Outside In, published in 2001).

Patrick Riley leads our web development and internet marketing solutions team. Prior to joining Ovation Solutions, Pat founded and directed three technology companies all with a primary focus on software authoring (two of which were awarded PC Magazine Editors' Choice awards).

Rhonda Capron has 25 years of business experience, working for both large and small companies and in both the public and private sector. Rhonda’s experience as a Vice President at Oracle Corporation gives her a unique perspective on articulating an organization’s sophisticated value proposition.

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